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Industry Overview

The improved economic landscape, coupled with government efforts to transform India into a manufacturing hub is resulting in greater demand for energy. The present socio-economic scenario is leading to a number of threats and risks as well as a plethora of opportunities for the tank storage industry. A section of leading players of the bulk liquid industry believe that the increase in the volume of liquid imports and exports will drive conversion from containers to bulk for a number of liquid products.
Conversion away from containers to bulk is a unique feature in the maritime industry in recent years. For major ports in India with a capacity utilisation of over 80%, efficient and safe handling of increasing bulk liquids is a challenge. Major privatisation initiatives and concession agreements are focused on developing and expanding container handling capacity at the ports, terminals as well as inter-modal corridors.
However, the process of developing bulk liquid industry infrastructure does not receive similar attention as container handling infrastructure. The development of tank storage is carried out by tank storage terminal operators at major ports using a plot of land offered by the port authority, usually at a considerable distance from the jetty. These tank storage terminal operators have no control over the development of marine infrastructure, which is a function of the port authorities.

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