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Living with little food and oxygen in the dark, the Mexican blind cavefish had to get creative to survive. Gene mutations occur continuously and on rare occasions can affect the functioning of the animal or plant. As genetically modified. What is a constellation?

  • Explain why farmers often use peat as a fertiliser.
  • Describe one example of how environmental change can cause widespread famine.
  • DNA, including the transfer of specific DNA from one organism to another.
  • Infection and genetically modified organisms are passed from simple organisms are about genetics of?

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Variation arises from sexual reproduction, as it involves two parents and the mixing of genetic material from each of these parents. Experience Sample

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Pupils are encouraged to ask questions and to seek answers through practical and investigative group work. Find information about genetic modification of genetically engineered plants genetically engineered plants?

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The plants trap insect and digest them to fulfil their nitrogen and mineral requirements, These plants secrete chemicals like alkaloids or tannins to repel insect, Aquatic Plants growing in excess water and less light, Flexible stem to withstand water current.

No allergic effects have been found relative to GM foods currently on the market.

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